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  • Webcomic Wednesday #46

    When the puppers hit you in the feels ❤️
  • Webcomic Wednesday #45

    The Banana Bread Saga concludes.
  • Webcomic Wednesday #44

    The banana bread saga continues...
  • Webcomic Wednesday #43

    The real question is why does the neighbour have a vat of acid in her basement? Continued from #42
  • Quarantine Cooking - Mackenzie’s Lavender Shortbread

    This brilliant recipe comes from the lovely @mackenzieeeexx and is absolutely delicious - we should know because we tried it ourselves!

    So, if you’re looking for a delicious, crumbly shortbread recipe with a floral twist, look no further than Mackenzie’s Lavender Shortbread!

  • Quarantine Cooking: Authentic Carbonara

    As you may have seen in last week’s blog, I was privy to an online cooking class between my mum and our Italian friends (also in lockdown). They shared their recipe for a perfect, authentic carbonara with no cream and no garlic.

    This got me thinking, let’s share some deliciousness and make this lockdown a little more bearable! So, I'll start with the traditional carbonara recipe that inspired this upcoming series.

  • Isolation Entertainment: 6 Ideas to Fight The Boredom

    As the UK enters its second week of lockdown, it’s easy to find yourself swept up in the madness of clickbait news and monotony. What day is it? I have no idea. But honestly, does that even matter? Let’s share some general ideas to help fight off the cabin fever.
  • Keeping Calm and Carrying On In Isolation

    Well, what strange world we’re living in. As the coronavirus situation changes daily, here are some tips on navigation social distancing and working from home, from someone whose been doing it for longer than he’d care to admit. Introverts unite! It’s our time to shine!
  • Independent Businesses and Coronavirus - How You Can Help!

    We all know the Coronavirus is going to have an impact on our day to day lives, but it’s a particularly scary time for independent shops, restaurants, businesses and artists.

     Here’s some things you can do, right now, from the comfort of your self-isolation to help your favourite indies:

  • Let's Talk Tarot: Tips, Tricks and Basics

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a great big tarot nerd. Whenever I’m in need of some hard truths, sound advice or some sense knocked into me, I talk to my cards. If I’m looking for some gentle reassurance, comfort or something to tell me it’s all gonna be ok, I stay the heck away from them and ask my Oracle cards instead. There’s some truth in the memes. For me anyway.

  • Magic Rocks - Myths, Legends and Histories of Your Favourite Crystals

    A lot of thought goes into the type of the crystals we use at Storm And Fortune. We choose our rocks not just on the aesthetic value, but the spiritual properties and symbolism they’re associated with. As such, it gifts us with an opportunity to learn all about the mythologies of our gemstones, and boy-howdy, they are cool.

    So buckle up fellow rock nerds, I’m gonna share my favourite.

  • Terrifying Tales - Epilogue

    A big thanks to everyone who shared their stories and experiences throughout October. We had so much fun reading them and scaring ourselves silly. But if they’ve left you sleeping with the lights on, it’s important to remember that not all spooks are scary.


    On that note, I leave you with our final two tales. They’re here to remind you that a spectral hand on your shoulder is sometimes there to comfort you.


    Until next Halloween, friends.