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Quarantine Cooking: Authentic Carbonara

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As you may have seen in last week’s blog, I was privy to an online cooking class between my mum and our Italian friends (also in lockdown). They shared their recipe for a perfect, authentic carbonara (featuring no cream and no garlic).

This got me thinking, let’s share some deliciousness and make this lockdown a little more bearable! So, I'll start with the traditional carbonara recipe that inspired this upcoming series.


What you need

  • Pancetta, bacon or guanciale
  • Parmesan, or alternative
  • Spaghetti 
  • Eggs - Use 1 egg per person, plus one for the pot (We used 5)


What you need to do 

  1. If you’re a meat-eater, chop your pancetta and fry that bad boy.
  2. Don’t be upsetti, cook your spaghetti! Cook until just before al dente and don’t forget to salt it.
  3. Whilst spaghetti is cooking, separate eggs and grate parmesan (or alt) into egg yolks. Mix until it forms a weird cheesy egg ball and set aside.
  4. Transfer spaghetti to large, flat pan and begin stirring.
  5. Add pasta water in ladle-fulls and stir until absorbed. Do this slowly, one ladle at a time and stir constantly. This released the starch (like a risotto). Continue until pasta water is mostly absorbed and what’s left looks ‘creamy’ (we used about 4 ladles)
  6. Turn off heat add the weird egg mixture and stir until mixed.
  7. Add salt and pepper to taste
  8. Add your pancetta (if that’s your thing)

 You can mix it up a bit and add whatever you’ve got in the back of the fridge. Just don’t call it a carbonara, because I’m told it’s a hotly debated subject. I garnished with chive, to make it look fancy, left out the pancetta and added chilli flakes because I’m a dirty heathen (and vegetarian).

Traditional Italian Carbonara

What are your favourite recipes? Are you a baker? What are your family favourites? Drop your favourite recipes our way and we’ll share them in a future blog. You can include step by step instructions and photos if you want to! Send us an email at or DM us on instagram.

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