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Isolation Entertainment: 6 Ideas to Fight The Boredom

As the UK enters its second week of lockdown, it’s easy to find yourself swept up in the madness of clickbait news and monotony. What day is it? I have no idea. But honestly, does that even matter?

The lockdown is a necessary step to keep us all safe and slow the spread of coronavirus. For me, a chronic introvert who already worked from home, I’m not finding the day to day changes aren’t so dramatic. Although the wholesale Sind of Storm And Fortune, which took up most of my daily workload has temporarily slowed, due to the lockdown, there are plenty of other aspects of the business to keep me occupied. Even when they run dry, I’m happy amusing myself with art and junk (this week, it’s been drawing pin ups of ambiguous gender and writing terrible stream of consciousness poetry - both of which will never see the light of day). Altogether solitary practices, which keep me grounded.

However, if you’re anything like the friends I’ve spoken to recently, the activities that make up your “downtime” have been affected by the (very important) government measures, and you’re struggling. And that’s ok.

Some of you may know that I used to own a bricks and mortar shop, on Monmouth high street. I was there almost every day for four years. When I closed, at the end of May 2019, I had surgery which left me stuck at home during the recovery time. I didn’t really know what to do with myself, so I finally launched Storm And Fortune.

   I think the run up to the closure was my time to mourn the ‘loss’ of something I worked really hard at for so long. It wasn’t so much the business itself - the online portion was sold on - but the loss of routine. My sense of self had become so entwined with my job that I didn’t really know what I was going to do with myself without it. So, particularly all you business owners out there who’ve had to close their doors for the lockdown - I really do know how you’re feeling. Stay strong, and stay safe. We’re here for you now, and we’ll be there for you on the other side.

So, with that being said, let’s share some general ideas to help fight off the cabin fever.



Meditation is a great way to escape the chaos of the outside world and take some time out. “But I’m not very good at the whole ‘empty your mind thing’,” you say. Well, don’t worry, neither am I! There’s a whole load of guided meditations on YouTube and Spotify on all sorts of subjects. So, whether it’s for better sleep, mindfulness, or shamanic journeying, just grab a blanket and take some time to chill.  


Create Something (Good or Bad)

You’ve probably seen the tweet about Shakespeare writing King Lear during quarantine. Maybe it ignited your soul with the flames of creative energy. If it did - awesome! Channel that new found spark into a cool painting, or awesome piece of prose. But remember, you don’t have to write the next King Lear. It doesn’t matter if what you make is the artistic equivalent of a stubbed toe.



As I’m writing this, my mother is video chatting with some Italian friends and they’re sharing carbonara recipes. I’m inspired - Let’s use this lockdown to share some deliciousness! What are your favourite recipes? Are you a baker? What are your family favourites? Drop your favourite recipes our way and we’ll share them in a future blog. You can include step by step instructions and photos if you want to! Send us an email at or DM us on Instagram.


Netflix and Chill

You don’t need to use the lockdown to be productive. You’re more than your ability to create. There’s nothing wrong with spending the day in your PJs watching (or re-watching) your favourite shows or movies. Take the time to chill. Is the cinema usually you’re thing? Make your own! Grab that projector, make some popcorn and throw on your old favourites. Much more comfortable than a regular cinema. And you don’t get yelled at for making out in the back row. Well, depends who you’re watching with, I guess…



Have you heard about PE With Joe? Let me tell you about PE with Joe. In an effort to keep kids moving without their regular school PE sessions, The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, has been live streaming a 30min work out every weekday at 9am. There are no children in my house, but three of us have been doing it anyway. On day one, I’d never sworn so much at someone who can’t hear me. It’s day seven, and I think I’m starting to “enjoy” it. Is this what Stockholm syndrome feels like?

Alternatively, something as small as taking the dog for a walk is a nice way to break up the monotony of starting at your favourite four walls. Just remember to follow the government advice, and stay close to home and keep two meters apart from anyone else.



Xbox, PlayStation, Animal Crossing, whatever it is you kids are playing these days. This one is pretty self-explanatory.  My household’s gone old school and have been playing poker most nights (spoiler alert, I usually loose). Alternatively, there are a whole host of sites that allow you to play good ol’ favourites online. Cards Against Humanity is a favourite in my friendship group (because we’re awful people) Tech Radar have a handy guide on ways to play this one at a safe social distance. 


Isolation Entertainment

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