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Terrifying Tales - Epilogue

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A big thanks to everyone who shared their stories and experiences throughout October. We had so much fun reading them and scaring ourselves silly. But if they’ve left you sleeping with the lights on, it’s important to remember that not all spooks are scary.

On that note, I leave you with our final two tales. They’re here to remind you that a spectral hand on your shoulder is sometimes there to comfort you.

Until next Halloween, friends.


I’m a medium so I have quite a few stories but my all-time favourite is of my very good friend Kyle, who passed away.
Kyle had always been a fan of my Jeep, and those moments we spent in my Jeep together were some of the best memories ever. I was at Kyles house attending a tree carving in his honour, and I had my keys in my pocket. His mom and I were talking about him, laughing about his goofiness. When all of a sudden my Jeep started, no keys in it, no one was in it, it just started up all by itself.
His mom and I looked at each other and I opened my driver’s side door to see a photo of him sitting on my seat along with a shiny penny. Little things like this really bring light to the spirit world and sometimes it’s just what people need to remember that those they’ve lost are not lost at all, just a bit out of reach.
Submitted by welshbailee
Not really a scary ghost story more like a wholesome one but I have a feeling my hubby's dad is the reason we met and has been chilling with us ever since.
Whenever I'm home alone (I have crazy bad anxiety and paranoia when I'm alone) I get this feeling like someone is beside me and like everything is gonna be ok. Which only started after I met hubby and stood up to my abusive family, I was standing up for myself and I got to the point where I wanted to give up but I felt the warmth of a hand and the feeling like I could do anything as long as it was there.
 Whenever I look at his picture now I feel safe. I dunno I just thought I'd share
Submitted by foxytokes
Terrifying Tales Epilogue

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