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Terrifying Tales Vol. 1

have some Skele-fun

The nights are getting darker, and the leaves are beginning to fall. There’s a chill in the air, and a shiver down your spine. It’s time to gather ‘round our virtual camp fire, because in the run up to Halloween, we’ll be sharing your true ghost stories! 

As submitted by our friends and followers, here are the first three terrifying tales to make your blood run cold.

When I was about 10 or 12 years old my family, my mother father and I moved into my mother’s great uncle Edward's apartment in Brooklyn. I didn’t much know him, I attended his funeral when he died but being that my mother cut ties and contact with most of her family we didn’t know him well. All I knew was that he died either in the apartment, or close by, and that he was a bit of a hoarder. I had my own room to myself and felt so grown up, but still being so young I had a fear of the dark. So at night, the hall light would be on, and my door always wide open until I fell asleep. One night I fell out hard, but I remember having a dream that scared me. Hands reaching across my body, dragging nails across it over and over again. I woke up, my back to the light flooding my room and I knew with every fibre of my small being that someone was standing behind me. I was facing the wall, but I felt eyes on my back. But there was no shadow as the light from the hallways was still on, and facing the wall I would have seen any and everybody. Then the breathing started. It sounded strangled, like someone had something in their throat. A small cough and then a hand on my back. I felt it press against my back. Gently, and a small pat. And like that I could move. I hadn't realised I was frozen, hadn't realised I'd been holding my breath.
It felt like someone was there, was it Edward?
I don’t know.
But I wasn’t scared of the dark after that. 
Submitted by Isidole   


I’ll share my most recent ghost experience for you guys.  So about two months ago I was in my bedroom when one of my canvases just flung itself from my rack which holds them pretty securely, so it was an odd way for it to fall. Then about a month after that the full length mirror in my bedroom just flung itself from my wall and only broke one side of the frame. They say that if you want to contact spirits through a mirror the connection is better if you break one side of the frame, so I thought that was a super weird coincidence. Then I was telling my mom about what happened to my mirror and the ceiling fan that was off started to spin super slowly. We didn’t have any other air on or windows open. They could just be odd things that happened but I really think something is trying to contact me. 
Submitted by Mossymugwort 


A couple of years back I would always feel a presence near my bed while sleeping and would always see dark figures and think nothing of it because “I was just imagining things”
It became a pattern that I would wake up at midnight or 3:00 am EVERYDAY for no reason!
So one fateful day I decided at midnight since I was awake to go get a drink because I was f*cking thirsty.
I got my drink and to get back to my room I have to pass my bathroom.
As I passed it and glanced in I saw a human like dark figure and as I saw this the door slammed in my face. Might I remind everyone that my family locks ALL windows every single night.
I was a little inquisitive so took my flashlight and check my study room and saw the figure again.
That’s when I realised that I should probably run back to my room and hide under my blankets (I was 14) because “curiosity killed the cat”.
I continually felt their presence, whatever it was, ‘till I started talking to it and the “hauntings” ended.
Now my electronics just go haywire whenever something’s about to happen, so I guess I’ve got friends now.
Submitted by blck_tourmaline


Do you have your own tale to tell? We’d love to hear them.

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