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Terrifying Tales Vol. 2

Skeleton Joke

I know for a fact that a spooky sleepover will bring back memories for lots of you. With the customary scary movies, ghost stories, and a couple of a rounds of Bloody Mary, it’s a rite of passage for many of us.

When this particular tale arrived in our Instagram DMs, it had me on the edge of my seat.

I hope it does the same for you.  

 I have a sort of scary one from back when I was a hapless teenager....
So my friend and I decided we wanted to do some Ouija. Being the dumb teenagers we were, looking back this was a bad idea: completely clueless, with just a piece of paper with the alphabet on it, a wine glass, a bible and some candles. No circle casting, no cleansing, no protection - and no focus.
So we lit all the candles and sat on opposite sides of a little space on my bedroom floor with the big light off and only the candles flickering.
We started easy enough with stuff like "is anybody there?", "what's your name?", etc. We actually had a few entities come and go before everything went silent for a moment and one of the candles flickered like mad. I want to say I felt a chill, but that may be my memory messing with me (this is about 18 years ago), but my friend definitely was cold - and this was at the height of the summer holidays.
Then, all of a sudden the glass twitched again.
We asked "is anybody there?" And it started to drag around a bit erratically before it settled on "yes".
This was the point when I got very uneasy.
"Who are you?"
"Who do you think I am?"
"Are you a good spirit?"
No response.
After a while: "I am Legion" (note: I didn't know the first thing about demons, the occult or anything at the time). 
A note from Storm & Fortune: if you're unfamiliar with the significance of the term 'Legion' more information can be found here.
My friend and I looked at each other. I asked what we should do, since it had been she who suggested the Ouija board.
"We need to let go of the glass at the same time, otherwise he'll come out!" She said. On count of 3 we both let go. Mad flickering of a single candle.
"What now?"
"He's in the glass" she said "we'll need to try and send him away by meditating on it."
So meditate we did. Still on opposite sides of the glass. A good 2 feet between us. We closed our eyes.
Deep breaths, empty mind...
And suddenly I felt something that to this day I can only describe as talons or claws or at the very least extremely long fingernails caressing my left knee... Just for a single heartbeat.My eyes flew open. My friend was sitting opposite me, oblivious, eyes closed.
"Something just touched me!"  I said. She looked at me with mild terror in her eyes.
"Um. The only other thing that works is putting the glass on the bible and then pushing it into the bible.
"Okay fine. Are you going to do that?" I asked her.
"I don't think I can, I'm really scared."  
And at that moment my stubbornness and refusal to accept defeat kicked in. I grabbed the glass and the bible and slipped the glass on to it.
"Great" I thought to myself "you're holding a demon."
"Come, let's take it outside!" my friend urged. 
Outside we went. Living in the country side on a beautiful summer's night like this, all the stars were out. I stood in the back yard, clutching the demon-glass and the bible tightly, pressing them together.
"Okay, so what now?" I asked. And while my friend started to explain I looked at the glass, may be too closely.
It looked back.
I distinctly saw two red, glowing dots emerge from what looked like the faint shape of a skull...
"Daniela, the thing is looking at me!" I stated this remarkably calmly. While I was still looking she slapped the glass out of my hand and it broke on the garden tiles.
"What the hell??!!"
"He was trying to possess you!"
I thought it was done with that and the worst thing would be having to explain to my mum why the glass was broken.
Boy, was I wrong...
Next day my dad picked my brother and me up to spend the weekend with him and his girlfriend. As was tradition we went food shopping on the way to their place and when we arrived we had breakfast together.
After that I grabbed a book and snuggled up in my dad's arm chair, legs outstretched on the foot rest in front of me. After about two pages of reading I felt the footrest move.
I froze completely for a moment.
Thinking I might have been mistaken, I read on. But then the footrest began to properly slide away, several inches. I jumped out of the chair and ran to my dad.
When I told him what had happened he initially raised his eyebrows. Then I told him what I'd been up to the night before and he got worried. Being the awesome, reiki-practicing, healer-shaman dad he was and is to this day, he performed a full cleansing ritual on me and the footrest and a releasing and guiding ritual for Old Red Eyes.
This is probably more of a cautionary tale than a ghost story, but I sometimes can't shake the feeling that something or someone is hovering around me... Submitted by Curious_cats_insta

I love the imagery of teenage OP hold a demon in a glass, like a spider. That might make an appearance in an upcoming Webcomic Wednesday...

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Terrifying Tales vol 2

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