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Terrifying Tales Vol. 3

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To accompany last week’s Ouiji board warning, here’s another tale cautionary tale in the same vain. The message is coming through load and clear - Beware the spirit board.

After all, who knows what - or who - is waiting on the other end of the line?


I do lots of work with Ouija boards and other than this, I‘ve never had anything go wrong because I‘ve always put heaps of safety precautions in place to protect myself.
I was travelling around Europe with a bunch of people and a few of them wanted to try it, so obviously they came to me because I guess I‘m just the token witchy friend who’s into that stuff.
We were in a hotel in Zagreb together, so I didn’t have any of my supplies or anything to protect us with, but I just decided that it would be fine anyway (mistake #1).
The girl I was sharing a room with had used a Ouija board with me before, but there were 6 others who had never used one and some of them didn’t believe in it at all (mistake #2).
When I don’t have an actual board, I usually draw one onto paper using a pencil so that after I close the session, I can erase the board so that the ‘doorway’ is completely non-existent, but my friend did it while I was out trying to find salt to protect us (which I couldn’t find anyway) and she did it using pen (mistake #3).
We then opened it and I started talking to the board, making sure that I was specifically only asking to communicate with ‘good spirits’, ‘spirits of a higher energy’, ‘spirits of light and positivity’ etc. The planchette wasn’t moving so eventually one of the other girls who didn’t believe in it laughed and said ‘f*ck that, can I get a demon to come here right now’ (mistake #4)
Then the planchette suddenly started moving and we heard banging coming from the room next to us.
Heaps of the girls got really freaked out but I told them that it was fine and I continued to talk to the spirit, trying to ask it if it had good intentions, but it refused to answer.
The banging from the next room got louder and louder and the shower kept turning on and off in their bathroom, but I tried to calm the others down by saying that it was probably just the girls who were staying in the next room.
The planchette then started to move in an infinity sign motion and I got really concerned and was about to try and close the board but there was suddenly a MASSIVE thud in the room next door.
Most of the others ran out of the room and refused to come back in to close the board (ironically all of the ones who didn’t believe in it beforehand were now refusing to come back in) I tried to close the board with the remaining 2 girls - which was basically pointless because everyone who opened it is supposed to close it together.
We went into the hotel corridor to talk to the others, but when we got there we saw the girls who were supposed to be staying in the room next door walking down the corridor towards their room, so I asked them where they had been and who had been making noises in their room.
They were really confused and told us that nobody had been in their room for hours.
This only freaked the others out even more because it meant that all the thudding and the shower turning on and off had been caused by the entity we had been communicating with.
One of the girls who had run out of the room had accidentally left her phone in there and was refusing to go back in and get it, so I offered to get it for her because I still wasn’t afraid (because ghosts and spirits often mess with people and pull pranks like that as a joke, I mean I definitely would if I were a ghost because it would be funny).
I just figured that the entity was just messing around with us.
As I opened the door to go back in and get her phone, both the window and the other door opened by themselves in front of me. There were two girls standing behind me who saw it too so they screamed and refused to go anywhere near the room again.
As I entered I could feel a really heavy negative energy in the room so I got her phone and walked out really quickly, because I now felt like the entity definitely didn’t have good intentions and was possibly trying to harm us.
I didn’t know what to do to cleanse the room because I didn’t have any of my usual stuff with me, but one of my friends and I still had to sleep there that night so I figured that I had to do something.
Since we had just been to the Vatican a few days earlier a few of the others had bought rosary beads, and while I’m not religious anymore, I was raised Catholic and I definitely think that there is power in the positive energies within all types of prayer and religion, so I asked to borrow one of the guys’ rosary beads since it was the only thing I could think of to cleanse the room.
 I went in and said the entire rosary, but when I got to the very last Hail Mary I could no longer remember the words.
It was almost as if something was blocking me from remembering (and bear in mind that I had just said it 59 times already and remembered it perfectly every time) I stood there for about 10min desperately racking my brain to try and finish the prayer, but the words just wouldn’t come to me.
I had to look it up on my phone, so I did finish it eventually but I feel like it was ineffective because I had broken the flow. Luckily the girl who was sharing the room with me wasn’t too afraid so she was fine sleeping there, but since we couldn’t erase the board like usual we decided to try and burn it (which I later found out is a BIG no no, so please don’t ever do this!)
It was really odd though, because the entire paper burnt apart from the number 8.
We literally held the number 8 over the lighter for a whole minute but it wouldn’t burn so we ended up ripping it up into tiny pieces. We still aren’t completely sure what this means, but we think it might have been once again referring to the infinity sign, because this is a common symbol for demons to make over Ouija boards.
We eventually went to sleep, but we both had really strange vivid nightmares and when we woke up in the morning my friend’s legs were paralysed for about 10 min, and I had huge black bruises on the inside of my thighs (like these bruises were the biggest, darkest bruises I have ever seen to this day and they were really weird shapes in a really odd position).
We still had to stay in that room for one more night so I went out the next day and bought a bunch of candles, herbs, and salt and spent a few hours cleansing the room, and almost instantly the air in the room felt a lot lighter.
Nothing happened the second night or anytime over the rest of the trip so I think my cleansing worked well, but please let this story be an example as to why you should always take Ouija boards very seriously and never do them with people who are taking it as a joke.
If you do want to use them, you need to spend years studying how to do so safely (like I have) and make sure that you NEVER compromise the rules you make to protect yourself. 
Submitted by ronicorby


I’m beginning to think that Ouiji boards are the Chatroulette or Omegle of the spirit world.

You may come across someone nice, who just wants an innocent chat with someone new, but chances are you find the nefarious weirdos whose camera is definitely not aimed at their face.


And that, my friends, is true horror.

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Terrifying tales vol 4

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