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Terrifying Tales Vol. 4

Vegan zombie jokes

Ghostly shadows, haunted mazes and an encounter with something nasty in the woods - our next submitter’s seen it all. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

 You'll be sleeping with the lights on after this week’s instalment of Terrifying Tales.

I’m a 26 year old female but I am no stranger to the paranormal. I have always been sensitive to the paranormal world since I was a kid and I can remember a few times I had some interesting encounters that I still can recall to this day.
When I was 11 years old growing up in my childhood home, my mom put a mirror at the end of the hallway. Why? No clue. But at the time, I remembered hearing how mirrors are portals to the other side.
Well, ever since she put that mirror up, weird things started to happen.
I would see shadow figures down the end of the hall opposite of the mirror. There was a tall shadow male figure in the end every night at 10 PM. Scared me so bad I refused to run across the hallway to go to the bathroom. Well a year later the shadow man stopped showing up and come to find out my dad was cheating on my mom.
The ghostly figures stopped showing up after my parents split.
When I turned 13, my mother and I decided to visit Jerome, Arizona in October. A little vacation to distract ourselves from the drama of my parents’ divorce, losing the house, and some other stuff.
Now Jerome is a hippy town now but it use to be a mining town for copper back in the old days. So many minors and their sons have died. The town has slid down the mountain side from constant blasts of the dynamite inside the mountains. Lots of murders, illness and accidental deaths have plagued Jerome with ghosts. We joined a ghost tour in the day time to check out ‘hot spots.’ 
When we got to the old high school (It is closed off to tours now due to mould). At this time my big brother gave me his old iPhone, which had no service. I just used it to take photos and listen to music. In broad day light I took a picture down the hallway just for the hell of it.
 Later when we got back to the van I saw I had a full face and head of a man reflecting on the floor in the hallway in front of me. 
I sadly don’t have that picture anymore.
When I was 18 I decided to work for Fear Farm. Fear Farm is a massive corn maze haunted attraction here in Arizona. The owners buy unwanted items that are considered haunted and use them for props. It was my first year and I was the school teacher because the strobe light in another haunt was making me really sick. I have chronic migraines. I took the position as a murderous zombie school teacher.
 I had a crudely made school house and I had a couple ‘school girls’ who were to hide at the front of my school house and scare people before they come to me. 
Well this night the girls weren’t there and my friend, Julien, who is a chainsaw guy, was roaming around in another part of our maze. People are supposed to run into him between my school house and the haunted playground that is a few feet away from my school house.
Slow night, it’s 9 PM. I am relaxing in my seat staring at the night sky when I heard a loud BANG against the wall to my right. I got pissed instead of scared because I thought it was Julien messing with me.
Getting up I walked out the back door and yelled, “Julien! Stop f*cking around!”
But no one was there. I assumed he was hiding in the corn. 
Returning to my chair, waiting I heard another bang to my opposite wall!
 Now I’m annoyed.
Once more I get up, yelling into the dark corn but heard nothing. It’s 9:30 PM by this point and security is walking through checking on me.
 I asked if he saw Julien, he said no. I asked if he was hitting the walls on the outside of my building, he gave me a funny look and kept walking. I texted Julien, he informed me he wasn’t even at that maze, that he was moved.
My stomach dropped. I didn’t tell anyone but I was petrified until they let us all go for the night. 
At 19 I was applying to work for Fear Farm, again. I had walked in the 115 F weather, in this awful Phoenix heat, for 10 miles. On my way back home I ran out of water and collapsed in front of a graveyard from heat exhaustion.
A nice lady picked me up, put me in her van and took me home. Once I got home I took care of myself and took a nap. When I opened my eyes I saw a ghostly sunken face that had pasty grey skin with black holes for eyes and sharp teeth.
It reminded me of a Nosferatu from those old black and white films. I made sure not to make any noise when I quietly shut my eyes.
 Opening them up it was gone.
Forget that graveyard.
At 18 I went back up to Jerome after I quit Fear Farm in October. Now this was a hard year because my grandma had died and my oldest uncle died 2 months afterward. My mom was a wreck, but I thought a nice visit to Jerome would help. We did the night tour with the same ghost hunting crew we did a few years back. My mom stayed in the van because she had a bad feeling.
I went inside the high school despite her pleading me not to go. As I entered I was carrying a meter that turns red when spirits are around.
Let me tell you, that thing would NOT stop beeping. When I approached some lockers, a girl took a photo. She caught the face of a man.
 That man? Was my uncle.
I told her not to show it to my mom. We finished the tour and went home that night. 
I just recently moved out on my own in December 2018. My apartment was not giving me weird vibes up until last month, August 2019. I was stressed over finances (Who isn’t?) but the stress apparently caused me to create a poltergeist. Or feed a spirit my energy. I kept waking up at 3 AM to the darkness of my apartment. I don’t have a TV, I don’t like sleeping with any noise at night. But I have amazing hearing. I can hear a fly fart. Benefits of being partially blind. But I kept hearing a rustling noise or my closet door opening at 3 AM.
Now I HATE having my closet open even though it’s around the corner of my hallway next to my bathroom. I have a small studio. Well the final straw was when I came home to my bathroom light on.
I am a penny pincher so I know I didn’t leave the light on. I unplug my appliances except my freezer and fridge and I make sure my lights are all off because the air conditioner bill gets expensive in the summer. So it shook me to the core when I saw my bathroom light on.
With what was left of my money I bought the supplies to cleanse my apartment and get rid of the poltergeist/spirit. I haven’t had issues since.
I also had an encounter with a skin walker last year when I was camping. It was around August 2018 and I was camping at Dead Horse Ranch which is a couple miles from Sedona, Arizona.
 I was woken up to the sound of claws scratching against my dog’s metal bowl outside of the tent. I am able to tell if it’s an animal but this.... the way it was scratching and the fear that came over told me it was not a normal animal.
I could make out a hunched figure through the fabric of my tent with the moon light because I did not want to use a flashlight. My Great Dane mix did not move or make a noise, she was also scared.
The next morning I saw that there was scratches but her food was not disturbed. I got out of dodge after a storm blew in. Said forget all of that noise. I cleansed myself, the dog, my car, my tent, EVERYTHING.
 Did not want it to follow me home!
Submitted by land._.shark_
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Terrifying tales vol 4

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