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Terrifying Tales Vol. 5

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In last week’s instalment on Terrifying Tales, we saw how ghostly goings on have a way of following people. Today’s chapter proves it. 

Sometimes houses are haunted. Sometimes it’s people.

When I was a kid I could see spirits, so I have a few stories from childhood.  As I grew older I repressed my abilities and only recently got them back but I have a few shorter experiences.  
1)  When I was about four or five I was sleeping with my nana. Or at least trying too anyway.  There were two spirits in there with us and one scared me. Think girl from the ring, but more childlike. She was standing at the foot of the bed. 
I told my nana about it and she said "Not to worry, they can't hurt us unless we allow it" so I said "well what about the girl beside you?  She's there every night"
I went on to describe to a T what her mother looked like and what she was buried in.
The girl beside my nana was my great grandmother.
2) When I was about 7, I had just moved into a new house. I didn't think much of the eerie feeling I got.  After a week of living there, the feeling only got worse until one night (around 3am, I believe) one of the most scary and unforgettable experiences happened...
 I saw a man hanging from my ceiling fan as it spun.
He was skinless, but you could see his muscles. His eyes were closed. At first.  But after he spun a few times, the fan stopped.  He was facing me. Suddenly his eyes opened and that's all I remember from that night.
I'll never forget him though.
3) More recently, the house I've lived in for 12 years has been experiencing things. I don't see spirits anymore, from the years of repressing it but some things are hard to deny.
Like how every night at 3 am my mom’s alarm clock would go off on its own, or her big iron Cross falling upside down on her wall, or decorative plates being thrown from the walls, back scratchers being thrown at mom.
Things would go missing and exactly 24 hrs later it would reappear in or around the same place we knew it was when it left.
A lot of people over the years have claimed to see a man in a cowboy hat go from my room to the bathroom.
Whoever he is, he likes my room best. Like all the others.
4) Going back to when I was 6 or 7 maybe, there's one experience my mom likes to share all the time.  Before I go into the ghost story it's important to know the previous year I was already going through a hellion phase, and had vandalised a house going through construction.
Now back to the story.  My mom had just recently started dating someone and the three of us had gone to his parents’ house. While we were in the main bedroom talking, someone noticed I kept staring at a certain place in the room.
They asked about it and I said "there's a man over there."
Apparently I had described the father of my mom’s new boyfriend, who had died earlier that year. I described what he was buried in.
Turned out, I knew this man from when he was alive. He was working construction at the site my friends and I vandalised the previous year. It was crazy how everything made a loop.
They had me strike up a conversation with him and eventually the attic lights started flickering. I didn't notice until someone pointed it out because the attic entrance was in the hallway behind us. I cut communication right then.
I could go on and on but those are the main stories.  I hope you liked them (: being as scary as they were at the time, if I had the chance again, I think I'd handle it better. But sadly most experiences happened at such young ages I had no idea how to deal with it properly. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy reminiscing.
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